HR Gap Analysis

  • Evaluation of current HR set up
  • Studying job profiles of employees
  • Designing appropriate Organisation Structure/ Chart (O.C.)
  • Documentation of Job Descriptions(JDs)
  • Gap Analysis with solutions

Benefits for you

  • Better Manpower Planning
  • Well defined Reporting Structure
  • Clarity on roles and responsibilities
  • Avoidance of Duplication

Employee Engagement Survey

  • One to One meetings with all the employees
  • Detailed report on employee expectation
  • Provide solutions after taking into consideration Management’s constraints

Benefits for you

  • Imbibe positive work culture
  • Control attrition rate
  • Create interest in employees to accept additional responsibilities

HR Manual

  • Introduction to company
  • Employment Policies
  • Compensation Policies
  • Leave and Attendance
  • Group Health and related benefits

Benefits for you

  • Communicate company Values & Expectation effectively
  • Compliance with Legislation & protection against employment claims
  • Appropriate and the best practices documentation
  • Transparency & Fair treatment to employees

Compensation Restructuring

  • Studying the current compensation of all the employees.
  • Grading
  • Defining salary band as per designation, experience, education, etc. for future recruitment as well as for internal increment and promotions.
  • Introducing Salary elements showing CTC for each employee.
  • Defining Performance Incentives Matrix

Benefits for you

  • Helps to reduce tax burden on employees
  • Performance linked variables helps to bring out better employee performance
  • Grading ensures well defined salary band at each level

Training & Development

  • Training Need Analysis
  • Designing Training calendar
  • Conducting training sessions on:
    • Personality Development
    • Grooming & Confidence Building
    • Effective Communication
    • Time Management
    • Goal Setting
    • Teamwork
    • Customer service
    • Sales Training
    • Hospitality industry specific trainings
  • Post Training Evaluation

Performance Management

  • Appraisals thru PMS software or Manually using forms
  • Goal Setting
  • 180 degree appraisals ( Appraisals done by one level seniors)
  • 360 degree appraisals ( Appraisals done by Seniors, Peers, Sub ordinates)
  • 540 degree appraisals ( Appraisals done by Seniors, Peers, Sub ordinates, Customers)
  • Designing Reward & Recognition Framework integrated with PMS.

Benefits for you

  • Clarity on individual goals in the beginning of the year
  • Specific & Measurable Goal setting
  • Easy to track the progress through periodic review
  • Improves employee morale

Other HR Activities

  • Ensuring proper documentation including Offer letters, appointment letters, confirmation letters and any other correspondence related to HR.
  • Ensuring proper Personal Employee filing system.
  • Monitoring proper updation of HR software.
  • Implementation of Employee information system (eg. Dashboard)
  • Creating and implementing any other HR specific systems which will help in smoothening the work flow and improve the human connect ensuring minimum conflict.
  • Addressing HR grievances in systematic manner.
  • Organising events like contests, celebrations in office to keep employees motivated and build the positive culture.